This is my inspiration/sketch blog. I really suck at updating. Thanks for stopping by.
April 20
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I’m the worst at taking care of this blog. I’m honestly very thankful that you guys have stuck with me for so long. I know this isn’t really much of an update but I’m still drawing and I hope to draw something decent enough to post soon.

March 29
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she then proceeds to spit on passerby

I got super lazy towards the end so please pay no mind to that little pool of intangible colour….. drawing is such an upsetting activity to me augh

thanks for sticking around followers, I do appreciate it!

also, new icon

March 29
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acnl second player

February 03
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plant boy ii

we’re only one 2 and they’re getting worse

February 03
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the fact that I’m still gaining followers kind of baffles me because I have not uploaded anything in a while I just

I do have some drawings that I am working on. I’m sorry I’m the slowest, most laziest artist on the planet but thank you for sticking with me it really means a lot to me I’ll try to have something up sometime this week.

January 05
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Transparent Spoon Bending

original picture by

Izumi Miyazaki

December 15
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November 06
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Hey Funky Bunny - Martin Sweers - Cosmo Girl

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October 25
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October 25
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call me baka like u always do :(

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October 20
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October 19
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This isn’t the best time to go out for fishing.